Letter from Mother General
Letter from Mother General
Mother Myriam’s Message : Easter 2013
Rome, Easter morning 2013
Dear Sisters,
As I address this message to you, my thoughts are filled with the images of recent events. They make me spontaneously turn my gaze towards the Vatican window from where our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI had spoken many times to the crowds gathered at St. Peter’s square during the eight years of his pontificate.
The unexpected news of his resignation last February 11 surprised the Church and the people of God, and gave a glimpse into the personality of this great pope known as a man of faith, of courage, full of wisdom and humility.
During the General audience on Ash Wednesday, February 13, the now Emeritus Holy Father, reminded us that Lent is a time for a special commitment to our spiritual journey as though he was entrusting us his heritage. Then he invited us to reflect on the three temptations of Jesus in the desert.
Jesus’ answer to the first temptation invites man to nurture himself with the Word of God, the source of life. Man does not live by bread alone because he could not save himself without finding an answer to the hunger for truth, the thirst for God.
In the second temptation, Jesus calls us to renounce power and turn our gaze to the cross because only humility and love can save the world.
Tempted for the third time, Jesus reveals the power of God, the Master, the Lord and King. The most holy God is not an object upon whom one can impose conditions but He to whom a creature must render all glory. Through these reflections, the Holy Father asks each baptized Christian and each consecrated person:
What is God’s place in my life? Is it He who is truly the Master and Lord or is it I? What is my response as a consecrated person - a Sister of St. Paul?
These words of the Holy Father resound forcefully and question the consecrated persons … in a particular way they question us, Sisters of St. Paul for our consecration is marked with the Paschal seal. By our Profession we have given up worldly power, entrusting our lives entirely in God’s hands, with a sincere desire to belong to Him alone. We are consecrated to proclaim to the world that the Kingdom of God is near at hand. How can we remain deaf to the call to conversion?
During his ministry, Jesus ceaselessly reminded his disciples and listeners that to follow him, one must take up his cross and take flight from the dangers of worldly power. Thus he prepared them to give a witness of humility and love through their own life.
It is indeed a demanding mission to follow Christ until the gift of one’s life. For love of us, Jesus willingly gave his life that we too, may live for love of our brothers and sisters in this world where he sends us to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom.
Having loved his own who were in this world, he loved them to the very end. Before offering his life as a sacrifice on the cross, as proof of his love for them, Jesus left a touching and beautiful example by washing the disciples’ feet.
What an example of humility! God humbled himself to become closer to those whom he loved, to listen and respond to their hopes.
Do we not feel particularly touched and challenged by Jesus’ example as Sisters of St Paul of Chartres?
Are we willing to be instruments of Christ’s love and be his messengers of Hope?
The Church is a living body because it is the Church of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit and it is the Church of the People of God. We have fervently invoked the Holy Spirit - during the vacancy in the Holy See- for the election of the Pope. We have strongly felt the Spirit’s breath of power and wisdom at the heart of events in God’s Church at such a historic moment.
The extended days of thanksgiving, celebration and rejoicing that followed the election of our Pope Francis, are signs of a Church marching forward to encounter its Lord and expressing its faith and hope.
By choosing the name Francis and by his simplicity, humility, self-emptying and his proximity to people, the Pope, who describes himself simply as “the Bishop of Rome,” reveals himself a Shepherd who desires to begin his journey with the faithful on the road of fraternity for the evangelization of the Diocese.
But this road, demands our efforts, as emphasized by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and reiterated by Pope Francis in his first homily:
“Without the cross, we are not the Lord’s disciples, we are of this world…we may be Bishops, priests and Cardinals but we are not disciples of the Lord.”
Indeed our Church is a living church and to nurture its life, we need the help of the Holy Spirit who impels us to keep on walking “in God’s presence,” to build the Church and despite hindrances, accomplish our goal:
To confess Christ for He is truly risen and alive.
Dear Sisters, be assured of my prayer and fraternal affection.
Our Sisters Assistants, Secretary and Treasurer join me in greeting you:
A Joyful and Blessed Easter!
Superior General